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B.S. in Medical Technology

Medical Technology is a vital part of the field of laboratory medicine. A medical technologist performs a myriad of laboratory tests to find the causes and cures for disease. These tests include the analysis of of blood, body fluids, cells, tissues, and also the isolation and identification of microorganisms which cause disease. In addition, the medical technologist performs tests which assess risk factors for disease and help determine overall health status. The medical technologist must be knowledgeable in basic sciences and skilled at using sophisticated laboratory instruments.

Employment opportunities for medical technologists are excellent. Besides work in hospital labs, positions are also available in research, administration, education, industry, private practice, and public health. A graduate in medical technology is eligible to one or more national certification examination given the American Society of Clinical Pathologists or by the Nation Certifying Agency for Medical Laboratory Personnel. Some states require a state license examination as well.

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