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Evan Kaplan

Office: 313 Harned Hall
Phone: 662-325-3252


B.S. Physiology, California Polytechnic State University

M.A. Cell and Molecular Biology, San Francisco State University

Ph.D. Pharmacology and Toxicology-Environmental Toxicology, Michigan State University

Statement of Interests

I have a passion for teaching, especially in Biological Sciences in which one challenge is conveying difficult concepts in an understandable manner.  Therefore, one of the first ideas that I teach my students is the process of the scientific method.  By using the scientific method, the student is forced to ask questions and provide answers about these concepts, not just simply accept the information and memorize it.  Students will obtain knowledge and find answers both from me and from their own experiences, all of which will aid them in understanding the concept and its relevance, ultimately providing context for the bigger picture of life.  I push the students to be actively involved in their learning and to think critically about the materials and its relevance to them when they leave the classroom and laboratory.