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Victoria McCurdy

Office: 113 Harned
Phone: 662-325-9356


B.S., Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology, University of Tennessee

M.S., Enterprise in Bioscience, University of Sunderland, United Kingdom

Ph.D., Biomedical Sciences, Auburn University

 Statement of Interests

My doctoral research focused on gene therapy approaches for neurodegenerative lysosomal storage diseases, including Tay-Sachs disease, Sandhoff disease, and GM1 gangliosidosis. My teaching interests are varied, but recent and current teaching areas include genetics, immunology, general biology, and pathogenic microorganisms laboratory.

Recent Publications

Heather L. Gray-Edwards, Brandon L. Brunson, Merrilee Holland, Adriene-Maxence Hespel, Allison M. Bradbury, Victoria J. McCurdy, et al. 2015. Mucopolysaccharidosis-like phenotype in feline Sandhoff disease and partial correction after AAV gene therapy. Molecular Genetics and Metabolism. In Press

Victoria J. McCurdy, Hannah E. Rockwell, Julian R. Arthur, Allison M. Bradbury, Aime K. Johnson, Ashley N. Randle, et al. 2015. Widespread Correction of Central Nervous System Disease after Intracranial Gene Therapy in a Feline Model of Sandhoff Disease. Gene Therapy 22 (2): 181 – 189.

Hannah E. Rockwell, Victoria J. McCurdy, Samuel C. Eaton, Diane U. Wilson, Aime K. Johnson, Ashley N. Randle, et al. 2015. AAV-Mediated Gene Delivery in a Feline Model of Sandhoff Disease Corrects Lysosomal Storage in the Central Nervous System. ASN Neuro 7 (2): 1759091415569908

Allison M. Bradbury, Heather Gray-Edwards, Jamie L. Shirley, Victoria J. McCurdy, Alexandria. N. Colaco, Ashley N. Randle, et al. 2015. Biomarkers for Disease Progression and AAV Therapeutic Efficacy in Feline Sandhoff Disease. Experimental Neurology 263: 102 – 112.

Victoria J. McCurdy, Aime K. Johnson, Heather L. Gray-Edwards, Ashley N. Randle, Brandon L. Brunson, Nancy E. Morrison, et al. 2014. Sustained Normalization of Neurological Disease after Intracranial Gene Therapy in a Feline Model. Science Translational Medicine 6:231ra48.

Heather L. Gray-Edwards, Nouha Salibi, Eleanor M. Josephson, Judith A. Hudson, Nancy R. Cox, Ashley N. Randle, Victoria J. McCurdy, et al. 2014. High Resolution MRI Anatomy of the Cat Brain at 3 TeslaJournal of Neuroscience Methods 227:10 - 17.

Allison M. Bradbury, J. Nicholas Cochran, Victoria J. McCurdy, Aime K. Johnson, Brandon L. Brunson, Heather Gray-Edwards, et al. 2013. Therapeutic Response in Feline Sandhoff Disease Despite Immunity to Intracranial Gene Therapy. Molecular Therapy 21:1306 - 15.